Tracer-1215BN 10A MPPT Solar Controller
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Tracer-1215BN  10A MPPT Solar Controller
Tracer-1215BN 12V24V 10A

1.12V/24V automatic identify or user-defined working voltage.

2.Excellent heat dissipation. Using the integration of cast aluminum radiator shell, the controller can be natural cooling.

3.Advanced maximum power point tracking technology to optimize using the solar system. Peak conversion efficiency is as high as 98%.

4.Lock the MP point fast and the controller provides the industry’s highest tracking efficiency of 99%.

5.Widely used, automatic recognize day or night.

6.Several load methods are supported to convenient for different demand.

7.Support 4 charging options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User-defined.

8.Adopting temperature compensation and correcting the charging and discharging parameters automatically, improving the battery lifetime.

9.Protection: over temperature, over charging, PV and load short, PV (battery) revered, over current protection.

10.Actual power convenient and record function makes convenience to check the datum every day, every month and every year.

11.RS-485 ports via the open standard Modbus protocol are supported to meet different occasion of demand.

12.With supporting PC monitoring software and remote meter MT50, it is convenient to check the real-time data of controllers and set the parameters.

13.Support firmware update.

Model  NO Tracer-1215BN Tracer-2215BN Tracer-3215BN Tracer-4215BN
Rated Battery Current (A) 10A 20A 30A 40A
Nominal SystemVoltage 12V/24V Auto Work
Max. Solar Input Voltage 150VDC
Self-consumption 10mA(24V)
Communication TTL232 level /RJ45 interface
Equalize Charging Voltage 14.6V;×2/24V;
Boost Charging Voltage 14.4V;×2/24V;
Float Charging Voltage 13.7V;×2/24V;
Boost Reconnect Charging Voltage 13.2V;×2/24V;
Maximum Battery Voltage 32V
Max. PV input power 12V 130W 12V 260W 12V 390W 12V 500W
24V 260W 24V 520W 24V 780W 24V 1000W
Temperature Compensation Coefficient -30mV//12V25 ref
Working temperature -35~ +55
Dimension (Lx W x L)mm  196*118*36 217*143*56 281*160*60 303*183*64
N.W.  0.9Kg 1.5Kg 2.3Kg 2.9Kg


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