12v 24v 48v 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller
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12v 24v 48v 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller
This 12V 24V 48V auto work MPPT controller is essentially a smart DC to DC converter which has been optimized to harvest maximum energy from the PV array in battery based solar electric systems by using a variety of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) strategies. The controller’s secondary objective is to ensure that the batteries receive a full charge without becoming overcharged. This is accomplished through a four stage charging process.

Product Description:

1. 12V/24V/48V auto work.
2. Excellent EMC design.
3. Thermal design and nature air cooling.
4. The first tracking to the maximum power point of solar modules less than 15 seconds, tracking efficiency Max. 98%.
5. Multiphase synchronous rectification technology ensures peak conversion efficiency up to 97%.
6. Multiphase power decentralized control make small power charging high effective, and improve the generated energy.
7. High speed and performance of the double processors architecture, improve the response speed and optimize the performance of the system.
8. Multiphase control technology, optimizes charging current smoothness, reduces ripple, and improves the system generating efficiency.
9. Protection: over heat, over charging, PV short circuit and PV (battery) revered.







Operating performance

System Voltage


Maximum Solar Array

12VDC 630Watts

24VDC 1260Watts

48VDC 2688Watts

12VDC 840Watts

24VDC 1680Watts

48VDC 3360Watts

Standby Power Consumption

Less than 2 Watt typical

Peak Efficiency



DC input side

PV Open Circuit Voltage (VOC)

150 volts DC

Max current



DC output side

charge current



load current


Battery Charging

Charging algorithm


Charging stages

Bulk, Absorption, Float, Equalize

Temperature Compensation

Coefficient –5mV//cell (25° ref)

Mechanical And Environment

Ambient temperature

-25 °C … +50 °C

Degree of protection

Dimensions (X x Y x Z)

    IP 32

272 x 180 x 94 mm

    IP 32

272 x 180 x 94 mm




1 - Battery Status LED Indicator

An LED indicator that shows battery status or system errors.

2 - Charging Status LED Insdicator

An LED indicator that shows charging status and overvoltage of pv.

3 - Setting Button1

Set load work mode,battery type and max charge current.

4 - Setting Button2

Set load work mode,battery type and max charge current(in manual mode used for load ON/OFF).

5 - LCD Digital Display

Dispaly the system status

6 - Wiring Box Cover

Sheet metal wiring box cover protects power connections

7 - FAN

FAN to dissipate Internal circuit heat

8 - Heat-sink

Aluminum heat-sink to dissipate controller heat

9 - Mounting Hanger

Keyhole slot for mounting

10 - Solar Module Terminals

Connect solar modules

11 - Battery Terminals

Connect batteries

12 - Load Terminals

Connect loads

13 - RJ45 Communication Interface(This feature is not available now )

Communicate with personal computer

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